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Matcha Milk Drink


Because the cold winter is here, most of us start to look for all kinds of drinks, it doesn’t matter as long as they are hot. Well, as matcha is in high demand lately, here’s the perfect recipe for a delicious matcha. Very easy to do and very quick, it …

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Almond Cupcakes


This could be the easiest and the most delicious desert you have ever made! These cupcakes contain almonds and a beautiful splash of color. Also, the decor is made of blackberries. What more do you need? These are perfect to take to lunch, so are worth trying. Another advantage, you …

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Smoked Salmon Sandwich


Do you have some salmon leftovers from the last night dinner? Perfect. You can transform it into a delicious breakfast or a tasty lunch package, so put yourself on it. You already have salmon, the only things you need are a little cheese and lemon, and customary bread, and you …

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