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Breakfast Potatoes


Aren’t you bored of always having a banal breakfast? Are you also brave enough to try something new? This breakfast recipe is simple, with more than three ingredients. However, it is quick to prepare so it should be on your mind for the next breakfast. But wait! This recipe is …

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Best Ever Beef Stew


Who does not love a real food, cooked for an hour? It is totally worth it because you will enjoy all the tastes of it. Well, this stew is that recipe which will make you eat it because it is so delicious. It has tasty and healthy ingredients. However, the …

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Moist Chocolate Cake


The easiest and the most delicious chocolate cake you ever tasted. It’s perfect for a romantic evening when you have not started to do anything sweet. It does not require many ingredients. It certainly will have guaranteed success, especially for those who love chocolate. But who doesn’t, am I right? …

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Bubble Up Pizza


This is certainly a different kind of pizza. Its main ingredients are separated which does not mean that it is not a delicious dish. It is very good and quite easy to do, because the topping is made separately and the dough is made as some small loaves. You can …

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Pimiento Cheese Sauce Dip


If you want to prepare an exceptional sauce, this is where you can find out how to do so. I know you are tired of the classic sauce. Thus, this one could be what you have been looking for. It is a successful mix between salsa and cheese, two delicious …

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Roasted Eggplant Lentil Soup


An eggplant with lentil soup is perfect for this fall, and if you did not know what else to prepare for your family, this soup is excellent. It’s an easy recipe with very few ingredients and it is definitely going to be delicious. So if you’re up for this idea …

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Braised BBQ Beef Sandwich


What is the most perfect food to eat in a break for lunch rather than a sandwich, and the best one is definitely the meat sandwich. This sandwich is more complex and requires more time making, but if you already have the meat ready or you have leftovers from dinner …

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