Greek Layer Dip


Greek food is bringing a fresh energy and vitality in the kitchen. This time, we have some kind of a topping sauce, for chips or nachos. It will have more layers with the most popular Greek dips, so you’ll enjoy them all at once, and success will be guaranteed. What …

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Caprese Cornbread


This is a new approach of a Caprese salad. This time it is not a salad, instead, it is looking more of a Caprese pie, certainly more palatable and healthier. It is as easy to do as the lettuce salad, it just requires a little more preparation time, but the …

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Pimiento Cheese Sauce Dip


If you want to prepare an exceptional sauce, this is where you can find out how to do so. I know you are tired of the classic sauce. Thus, this one could be what you have been looking for. It is a successful mix between salsa and cheese, two delicious …

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BBQ Potato Nachos


If you’re craving nachos, this is the recipe for you! It might be a little more complex than you thought but it is a tasty recipe, a new version of nachos with fresh potatoes, chicken and sauce, all on the same plate. It is crazy, huh? So delicious! Because it …

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Flourless Brownies with Raspberries


Everyone loves this cake, the delicious brownie. Since it appeared, everyone is crazy about cooking this. This time, we have a different brownie, a little more special because it contains fruit. Beware! It is not any fruit, it is a handful of raspberries! A perfect combination of two things that …

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Matcha Milk Drink


Because the cold winter is here, most of us start to look for all kinds of drinks, it doesn’t matter as long as they are hot. Well, as matcha is in high demand lately, here’s the perfect recipe for a delicious matcha. Very easy to do and very quick, it …

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Caipiroska with lime and kiwi


This is a little bit reinvented recipe, Caipiroska, but just as good or slightly better. In addition, this time it contains kiwi, which will surely give a very fresh and good touch. It is a summer drink, but if you have cravings, you can try this at any time without …

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Roasted Eggplant Lentil Soup


An eggplant with lentil soup is perfect for this fall, and if you did not know what else to prepare for your family, this soup is excellent. It’s an easy recipe with very few ingredients and it is definitely going to be delicious. So if you’re up for this idea …

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Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes


Who does not love cupcakes? If it’s fall, the pumpkin ones are the best, so we’ve brought a recipe for pumpkin cupcakes. It is the same as all those cookies but with extra cream on top. A cookie is easy to do and it is delicious. In order to make …

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Cupcake in 5 steps


This cupcake is the easiest, quickest and the most delicious recipe. If you’re on the run but you still want something sweet to have in your lunch package, these cupcakes are ideal. You have these ingredients in your house for sure so you do not need anything extra, just some …

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