Best Ever Beef Stew


Who does not love a real food, cooked for an hour? It is totally worth it because you will enjoy all the tastes of it. Well, this stew is that recipe which will make you eat it because it is so delicious. It has tasty and healthy ingredients. However, the …

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One-Pan Taco Rice Dinner


This is a taco recipe but done in another manner and served at dinner. It is something new and tasty. Also, you will find that is easy to do especially if you have some leftovers. With some boiled rice from another dish, you can just add a little meat of …

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Friendship Spaghetti Pie


Seriously, who doesn’t love pasta? Imagine how happy the children will be. Well, if you make pie pasta that would be even more delicious. Look for that perfect recipe, it’s easy to make. A bigger plus is that you need to bake it to get that perfect pie. This is …

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Cornbread Waffles with Chili & Fixins’


Remember the classic waffles? Well, it seems that we can serve this recipe in a different way than what we are used to, as a special desert. You can serve this as an appetizer. It is indeed a very good and very quick to make dessert. When you do not …

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Polish Sweet Buns with Blueberries


This is a recipe of Sweet Buns only this time is a Polish version. It seems to be sweeter and clearly, the fruits make all the difference in the world. It is a recipe that you definitely need to try. You can also use whatever fruit you want, whatever you …

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Korean pancake with brown sugar and walnut syrup


Pancakes are everybody’s favorites, no matter the time. However, this is a recipe of Korean pancakes. From what you see in the pictures, it seems delicious. It is really, am I right? Well, that’s because they have nuts! No, we are not nuts! These are definitely the best and easier …

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Moist Chocolate Cake


The easiest and the most delicious chocolate cake you ever tasted. It’s perfect for a romantic evening when you have not started to do anything sweet. It does not require many ingredients. It certainly will have guaranteed success, especially for those who love chocolate. But who doesn’t, am I right? …

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Bubble Up Pizza


This is certainly a different kind of pizza. Its main ingredients are separated which does not mean that it is not a delicious dish. It is very good and quite easy to do, because the topping is made separately and the dough is made as some small loaves. You can …

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Sandwich on a Stick


We all love sandwiches, so a more practical version, but also visually pleasing is always welcomed. A sandwich on a stick; it sounds funny, but it is so perfectly tasty. Perfect for the package lunch of your kids, they will surely love it. It is ideal for adults too, it …

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