Grilled Salmon Skewers with Garlic and Dijon


Do you have salmon? Are you willing to try something new? Well, you’re brave, first of all! The classic recipes of baked salmon are getting less and less exciting? Do not worry! With this recipe, you will have a perfect salmon dish in only 30 minutes. Sounds amazing, right? It …

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Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup


You’ve never prepared a soup this quick and easy! And the results will be amazing for your family! Even more, you only need a few ingredients to make a healthy and tasty soup. The magic in it? Well, think about a classic chicken soup but with noodles at the bottom. …

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Pull-Apart Pumpkin Bread


  The autumn has come, what a perfect weather! What’s better than autumn pumpkin? Nothing, am I right? Pumpkin bread is the only thing missing from your table so get right on it. This recipe for pumpkin bread is perfect for any time of the day. You can even eat …

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Beef Stir-Fry Recipe with 3 Ingredient Sauce


This is a little more colorful, easier to make and full of flavor recipe. No complaints here, though! The sauce is very easy and quickly to prepare which is evena bonus. Even if the meat will take some more cooking, the whole dish is very tasty. You will thank me …

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Italian Broccoli-Bacon Pasta


  If you a pasta lover, you will definitely enjoy this recipe. With some ingredients from your fridge, you’ll prepare the best pasta so far. You can also give up bacon for a healthier dish if you want to but the taste won’t be the same. You do not always …

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Baked eggs in avocado


  Avocado is everyone’s favorite. Thus, there is nothing better than mixing this vegetable with eggs. Prepare yourself the best and healthier breakfast there is. It is an easy to make breakfast containing just a few ingredients. There’s only your taste to be challenged here. Check the recipe here.

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Pizza Pull-Apart Sliders


  Beware! Let’s make everybody’s little pleasure: the pizza. You can make it even more special by breaking the record. This recipe will show you how you can make the fastest and the most delicious pizza. With barely any effort, its taste will be extraordinary. Who doesn’t want that? Moreover, …

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Italian Breakfast Casserole


  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Especially when it is something special and more appetizing. Thus, you will never skip it. It will be impossible when you will see what’s in store for you. This recipe can be easily prepared. It is very tasty and healthy. …

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Strawberry Rosemary Scones


  Really, who does not love cookies? If you do, then you must try these cookies. They are perfect as a snack when you don’t have much time. The strawberry jam and their lemon glaze will give them that perfect sweetness. Also you will feel the fresh taste from the …

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Pumpkin & Greek Yogurt Parfaits


Sometimes, you want something else every morning; this recipe is definitely going to look different. It is a special kind of sweetness but also consistent. It will last you until the next meal. If you’re in a hurry, you can take it to work. How can you do that? Well, …

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