Bubble Up Pizza


This is certainly a different kind of pizza. Its main ingredients are separated which does not mean that it is not a delicious dish. It is very good and quite easy to do, because the topping is made separately and the dough is made as some small loaves. You can …

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Caprese Cornbread


This is a new approach of a Caprese salad. This time it is not a salad, instead, it is looking more of a Caprese pie, certainly more palatable and healthier. It is as easy to do as the lettuce salad, it just requires a little more preparation time, but the …

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BBQ Potato Nachos


If you’re craving nachos, this is the recipe for you! It might be a little more complex than you thought but it is a tasty recipe, a new version of nachos with fresh potatoes, chicken and sauce, all on the same plate. It is crazy, huh? So delicious! Because it …

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Sausage, Peppers, and Onions


A stew with sausages is very quickly to do and not to mention about how delicious it is. You need fewer ingredients, especially vegetables, which surely you have in the fridge. So you just need to start preparing it, you will surely find peppers and onions in the fridge, the …

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